Sie melden sich für Augsburg Jazz Rhythms 2020 - Solo Jazz Intermediate & Lindy Hop & Parties AJR Solo 2 + Lindy Hop 2020 an:

Uhrzeit: 10:00 bis 18:30
Standort: Studio 2
Einheiten: 4

4 h Solo Jazz & 3h Lindy Hop & Parties

The final schedule depends on the number of participants in the different levels. We will post it as soon as possible. All Workshops will definetly be between 10am and 6.30pm. We try to reach between 10.30am and 6.00pm. And of course we try to make it as comfortable as possible for you! 

Level Solo Jazz:

-> you've already made some experiences with Solo Jazz Workshops or regular Classes (at least half a year)

-> you can dance the Shim Sham and maybe some other Routines

Level Lindy Hop:

This Workshop is about creativity and improvisation in Lindy Hop. Therefore you should know all the basics of Lindy Hop and you already should have startet to play around with the music and your partner! If you are not sure about this we recommend to choose the Solo Jazz Beginner Class at this event!

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